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hoCFD LLC licenses a commercial high-order CFD solver, hoMusic, and also provides consulting services on hi-fidelity CFD simulations. hoMusic (high-order MUlti-physics SImulation Code) excels for problems requiring high-accuracy, such as

- Vortex-dominated flows
- Aeroacoustic noise predictions
- Large eddy simulation and direct numerical simulation

You are welcome to try hoMusic without any obligations. Just register, login, and download the software.

High-order meshes in cgns or gmsh format are preferred by hoMusic. GridPro and Pointwise are developing high-order meshing capabilities. If you have a linear mesh in cgns format, you may use meshCurve to upgrade it to quadratic.


  • Unstructured mixed meshes in CGNS or Gmsh format

  • High-order accuracy (up to 6th) with the FR/CPR method

  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface

  • Parameter-free shock-capturing

  • Subsonic to supersonic flows

  • Explicit and implicit time marching schemes

  • Highly scalable on extreme scale computers

  • Implicit large eddy simulation with(out) a wall model

  • Benchmarked for a wide range of flow problems

  • An order of magnitude speedup over 2nd order solvers


hoCFD LLC was founded by Professor Z.J. Wang, who has been developing high-order CFD methods for over a decade. He has edited a book, written review articles, (co-)organized multiple International Workshops on High-Order CFD Methods.

In a recent accuracy/efficiency study, a leading 2nd-order commercial  LES solver was compared with hoMusic on the same family of meshes for a real-world problem at a Reynolds number over 1M. To achieve a similar accuracy, hoMusic is estimated to be an order of magnitude faster.

On a small cluster of 400 CPU cores, a wall-resolved LES was completed at 3rd order accuracy within 24 hours with 10M degrees-of-freedom/equ, using 0.5GB memory per core.   


Company address:
5804 Longleaf Dr
Lawrence, KS 66049